Laufende Dissertationen
Valentina Dietrich 

Natural graphite is a critical high-tech raw material of great importance. Unfortunately, Europe’s high tech companies are currently reliant on foreign graphite. Raw materials from insecure sources need to be excluded from the market based on scientifically based certification systems (“Analytical Proof of Origin”), as they already exist for some groups of other raw materials (e.g. tantalum-tin-tungsten, precious stones and diamonds, platinum metals).

This project aims to develop methodical approaches for an analytical proof of origin procedure for this highly demanded raw material. Different graphite deposits distributed worldwide are included in this research project. The analysis of fingerprints for graphite is favourable in order to differentiate between different origins, in particular from African countries (Mozambique, Madagascar and Zimbabwe), but also from Korea, China and others.


Viktor Bertrandsson Erlandsson 

2018 - 2023

The PhD project invesigates a recently discovered sediment-hosted Co-Cu-Zn mineralization in the Kunene Region of northern Namibia, with a major focus on microgeochemistry of sulfides by e.g. LA-ICP-MS trace elements, atom probe tomography, EPMA, and d34S isotope analyses.

The aim of the PhD project is to produce a feasible metallogenic model for the Co-Cu mineralization based off the results and to place it in the regional geological setting of Namibia along with comparing it to other, more well-known, sediment-hosted Cu(-Co) deposits of Africa (such as the Central African Copperbelt) and the Polish Kupferschiefer.

This project is in cooperation with Namibia Critical Metals Inc.